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PSWales Case Study

The Challenge

The company needed a way to expand its on line presence without being restricted to a static model that other systems provided. It needed to be easy to use, and customisable by them.

The Solution

We ditched the API’s provided by the majority of on line solutions as they were cumbersome and ill fitting with the way they wanted to work. They decided on a separate entry system for their website, that meant entering data twice, but freed them from having to lock into a specific service.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

New Site:

Mobile Refresh

The site is fully user friendly in all sizes, from PC’s down to mobile phones. It sizes gradually which means no matter what size screen you use, the website will do its best to look its best.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

With its own API, the system allows PSWales to work the way they want to. No more trying to fit a square peg, into a round hole.

Extensive Demographic Studies

With different options to view properties, from lists, grids, and even map view, we give the clients, the options to find what’s best for them, which ever way they want to do it.

The New Site Live

With the new site live, the employees have been able to update, and maintain the site themselves with little help from ourselves. This speeds up their work flow without the need for constant help.