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MoneyMappers: Case Study

The Challenge

Moneymappers unique technology allows them to evaluate products across the market in mortgages, insurances, investments and pensions. Their aim was to update their old website and allow them to chat to potential clients directly through their site without the need for a 3rd party site to become involved. They also were going through a re-branding with new logo’s and colour scheme.

The Solution

Working closely with the different partners within the company, and trying different colour schemes, one was chosen, and adapted for web use. The website is written with the Laravel Framework to allow us to implement more bespoke systems at a future date.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

The Company had a whole new look!

Mobile Ready

The site had to be used on all devices. This was built into the site from the start, allowing a change in sizes, and orientations.

Live Chat

The site now has the ability to allow multiple users and staff to chat in real time via the website with no extra systems needed for the customers.

Whole new Colour scheme

When building the site, the clients actually had not yet set on a colour. With our input, we were able to work with them, to find a colour scheme that matched all their requirements.

The Site was a success

With the site now live. The company pressed forward with constant updates and planning for the future.